International Leasing Group

Funding green technologies

ILG is managing business according to ESG principles

About us

    Joint-stock company “International leasing group” has been working a lot and gained a lot of experience in providing organizations with transport vehicles. The organization aims to provide cars, buses, special machinery. Also ILG provides eco-friendly transport such as: electric cars, electric buses, trolleybuses and other ecological special machinery such as quay cranes, port cranes and any other machinery, so that there will be less pollution of the environment. ILG uses ESG approach in business, it means that  it works on behalf of social goals that go beyond the role of company to maximize profits.

    Joint-stock company “International leasing group” is a member of FINANCIAL & BUSINESS ASSOCIATION OF EURO-ASIAN COOPERATION since 2020. The main idea of business of FBA ЕАC is expansion of cooperation with national and international organizations, associations in finance and banking, scientific and business areas all over the Eurasia. So does ILG: spreading worldwide dynamically in order to be on the edge of hype.

    Joint-stock company “International leasing group” is one of the leading companies which takes part in government procurement procedures. A lot of state and municipal institutions such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, Zhukovsky Airport  became our clients for the last year. Also ILG is authorized representative of SMM as per cranes leasing supplier and won tenders for supplying cranes in Pakistan, Spain, South Africa and so on.