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Electric buses


  • New fiberglass panel body
  • Ultra fast charging in 8-12 minutes
  • Year-round operation on the route, batteries work without additional systems down to -40°C 
  • Ergonomic driver's workplace

Technical Specifications

·       Passenger capacity:

Number of seats: 33

Total number of seats: 85

Gross weight of the bus, kg: 18,000

Overall dimensions, mm: 12400x2540x3260

·       Speed and traction characteristics:

Maximum speed, km/h: 75

Maximum gradeability, %: 18

·       Electric motor:

Type: asynchronous (electric bridge ZF AVE130-400VAC)

Maximum power, kW: 2х125

Max. torque, N-m: 2х485

Cooling system: liquid (ethylene glycol)

·       Energy accumulator:

Battery type: Lithium titanium (LTO)

Energy capacity, kWh: 80

·       Maximum range, km: 70

Ultra fast charge time, min: 8-12

Battery life, cycles: 20 000

·       Braking system:

Brake system type: pneumatic

Type of compressor: Low noise screw electric compressor

·       Power-assisted steering: Electric power steering

·       Additional equipment (option):

Climate control system


The "second generation" electric bus is equipped with modern components of traction electrical equipment, including an electric portal bridge and lithium titanium batteries with a service life of 10 years. Charging is carried out from ultra-fast charging stations using a half-pantograph. In addition, an on-board charger is used to charge the storage unit from three-phase 380 V AC mains ("night charging").